Spring Farmers Market Tacos

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Spring weather is finally beginning to show up and that means farmers markets are beginning to look bountiful after the meager winter months. To celebrate, I put together a little appetizer made entirely of farmers market sourced ingredients. It’s simple to make, aside from some precision chopping, and meets a number of allergy friendly requirements with the exception of the cream cheese. I’ve called it a taco, since that’s the best way to describe how to eat it. You grasp the sides, pinch together, and the cream cheese grips the radishes and chives.


You should be able to find all the produce at your local farmers market if spring weather has made it to your part of the world and if you’re lucky – you may find some fresh and locally produced cream cheese.  If you’ve never had fresh cream cheese, I would highly recommend seeking it out and using it instead of anything that comes in a box. Here in Seattle, my favorite dairy vendor is Glendale Shepherd – who can be found at the University District Market.

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Winter Braising Greens Soup

Winter Braising Greens Soup

Another wintery month means continued sparse pickings at the local farmers markets. Without doing the work to preserve produce from growing season – the local options become quite limited. Squash, potatoes, and greens populate the sparse tables of most of the farm booths. The later one, the greens, begins to pique my interest because they look a bit different than during the rest of the year.

During these chillier months, all the greens are sold in miniature size. Completely adorable but also perfect for cooking with since there’s no cutting or de-stemming required. I like to buy the pre-washed bags of braising greens for the quick convenience – great for quick weeknight dinners like pureed soups.

This soup meets a number of allergy friendly requirements as long as you use vegetable stock and oils considered safe for whatever needs you’re serving. It’s vegan, gluten free, and makes a great way to get in a good serving of dark leafy greens.

Winter Braising Greens

Makes 4 servings



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