Fruit Salad with Mint and Honey


If anything screams summer/spring, it’s fruit salad. My good friend taught me a twist that adds some zest and freshness. What I love about this recipe is that you use what you have. Add some lemon juice (fresh is always better) so that the fruit doesn’t turn brown and then mint and honey to taste. You will not believe how this takes a simple fruit salad to the next level. And…this is a recipe from my friend who doesn’t love cooking.

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Easy Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies



First, let’s talk about this giraffe plate. It’s amazing, from anthro, and I only asked for the single plate for Christmas because the rest of the set could not keep up with this one so it is all by its lonesome in my cabinets.

Secondly, my nonna, the best cook I know, learned to cook when she got married and moved out. Every night she would call her mother and tell her what she had in the fridge and her mother would tell her how to cook it. I am not married but I have moved out and so I call my nonna for recipes or my mom. This recipe comes from my mom. Neither of us know where it comes from but it’s easy and delicious. Both of us love walnuts in our desserts–our cookies and our brownies–but feel free to leave them out.
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Roasted Brussel Sprouts

brusselI have been trying to both cook and eat healthy. There isn’t really a program so much as eating the things and cooking the things that I know will nourish me. Food isn’t all good or all bad. For me, it’s about realizing that with my health, food is definitely medicine but it can also be a delicious medicine–once I reset all my processed sugared taste buds.

To be honest, I love roasting veggies. But Brussel Sprouts? I don’t know about that one. And yet, when my dad made these. I was hooked and recreated them many times since them. They are great as a side and I won’t life, once or twice, I’ve eaten them as a full meal. It wasn’t on purpose. They are just so filling and delicious!

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The Easiest Salsa Ever.


This was a college staple. Or I should say, a senior year staple when we had a huge kitchen (I know…it’s unheard of in College Living but Freshman year I shared the official smallest dorm room on campus). My best friend and I would make this before are favorite shows and share it on the couch or when people came over because it seemed super impressive but was in fact, the easiest salsa ever.

There are only two ingredients. The third is optional. And it tastes delicious. Sometimes we would brown ground meat, make this salsa, and guacamole and eat this feast with tortilla chips on our bright pink couch (it’s a long story).

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