Keeping a Healthy 2018 While Still Enjoying It


Pure I, like many others started 2018 with a New Year’s resolution to have the healthiest year yet. I made all the promises; eat healthy, work out, lose weight, get enough sleep, drink enough water, cut out carbs, cut out sugar, keep my calories under a specific number and the list goes on and on.

Boy, that is a lot of restrictions for trying to have a healthy year. So where is all the fun? It is the beginning of April and that means that if you have stuck to your New Year’s resolution, then you are three months in and three months are down.

It is easy to let the fun fall to the wayside because you are so focused on your goal. But only 8% of people keep their resolutions and number one is losing weight or getting healthy.

I think a lot of that failure can come from not feeling like you can still enjoy life while living your best life or getting into your best self.

That is why I am so excited to try Michelob ULTRA and their new version of their low carb Michelob Ultra. It is new and still has its great taste and still has 2.5 carbs and still only has 85 calories per bottle, still triple filtered 
 and now it is made with Organic Grains!

Their NEW organically sourced beer that was born with a commitment to innovate using the best ingredients. It’s inspired by nature and best enjoyed in nature, made with organic grains from the country’s finest fields.

It is truly pure gold.

Now, I think that what has helped me be successful in my journey and my 40 pound weight loss so far this year is that I know when I need to chill out and take some time to relax and still enjoy life. I can still have a few things in moderation.

One thing I have made a little time for each weekend is that I will have a healthy breakfast, go for a run and in the afternoon I relax outside and have a nice cold Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold and enjoy the afternoon. I don’t have to feel guilty because it is the same Michelob ULTRA that I have loved for years, but it is GOLD and Organic grains so it fits right into my healthy lifestyle and that means I can feel good to keep up with my goals for 2018!

Michelob ULTRA gives you the permission to make healthier choices, while still ending off the day with an ice cold beer that you can feel great about drinking.

This is being produced in limited quantities, so be sure that you and your friends get some ASAP.

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  1. Lovely post Erin,
    Love the photos of ultras 😉
    I’m gonna make sure too that my 2018 is healthy while I enjoy it 🙂

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