Marinated Vegetable Antipasti Salad & Daily Gift Basket Giveaway!

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We have a recipe tradition at my mom’s house. Every year for at least the last 15 years, she makes this dish at Christmas time. It was made as a random side dish and it was loved so much, that my mom has made it every year since. I even have friends request the dish by name and she will even make it for them when they come to visit during the year.

My brother lives with us now, and he requested that I make this recipe because he was having a huge craving for it, and couldn’t wait until Christmas. He said that he needed it to be included in our Thanksgiving meal. I obliged, knowing I was craving it too.


This dish is a Italian marinated antipasto salad. All veggies and marinated in delicious Italian parmesan dressing. The base of my salad are products from Mezzetta. I used Mezzetta Green olives, Mezzetta mild yellow peppers and Mezzetta artichoke hearts. I then add some fresh veggies, tomatoes, cucumber and baby corn.


I used homemade Italian dressing and I added shredded parmesan cheese to add a little kick. For my Italian dressing, I also used red wine vinaigrette. It is my favorite vinegar for dressings. In a large bag, place all ingredients and let marinate for at least 2 hours. 24 hours is perfect.




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