Peanut Butter & Honey Parfait with Greek Gods

When I was a kid, my favorite lunch was not peanut butter and jelly, but peanut butter and honey sandwich with bananas. It is sooo good! As I got older, it definitely became one of my guilty pleasures where I would allow myself to have one every once in a while. It is truly sinful and amazingly nostalgia.

My need for breakfast is strong with this one and I am always looking for some healthy options to get me through the day feeling good. However, I recently discovered a beautiful, beautiful way of fulfilling my need for my childhood favorite food, without any guilt what-so-ever.

I have tried quite a few Greek yogurts and the other day I was at Walmart and discovered something truly fantastic.

I found a Greek Yogurt made with honey. Greek Gods Greek Yogurt with Honey. Let me let you in on a little secret; this yogurt is amazing! It is so smooth and rich tasting. This yogurt is sweetened with honey so no additional sugar or sweeteners are needed.

It is less tart than other greek yogurts. That’s because unlike other Greek yogurts, Greek Gods Greek Yogurt is made in the old-world method – where cultured milk turns into yogurt inside the cup. It gives it a unique texture and flavor that is just so yummy!

So, with much excitement, I was so excited to try to re-create my favorite treat but much more healthy.

It is so simple to put together my breakfast parfait. It is so filling and keeps me satisfied until mid-afternoon. Just some Honey Greek Gods yogurt, peanut butter, bananas and for a little crunch, chopped nuts, (I used almonds.) I also add a few mini chocolate chips on top because, obviously.

Layer together, yogurt, peanut butter, yogurt, bananas and nuts, yogurt and top with dash of cinnamon, nuts and mini chocolate chips.

I loved this yogurt so much that I went back and got two other flavors to try. Honey Vanilla and Honey Strawberry. Equally as good and equally as creamy. I can’t wait to try them in a smoothie.

This post is sponsored by Greek Gods but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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