Trick to Keep a Boiling Pot from Overflowing



We have all heard the saying. A watched pot, never boils. But who has time to sit and watch a pot all night? You’re probably working on other aspects of dinner, the phone is ringing, the kids are screaming or fighting and basically, your kitchen is complete chaos!  The last thing you want to do is clean up a mess from a boiled over pot!

Here is the trick. Place a wooden spoon over the pot and it will pop the bubbles that start to get too high. That will allow you to get over to the stove and turn the hear down.

Just keep in mind that the water MAY warp your spoon. It didn’t hurt mine, but you just want to watch out for that.  The nice thing about using the wood is that it won’t be hot when you remove it because heat doesn’t absorb much heat.

You could use a metal spoon, but that will be very hot and can only be removed with a oven mitt, otherwise you will burn yourself.

Happy boiling!

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