Strawberries and Cream Cookies


I’m a sucker for something cute.

I melt when I see puppies, or babies, or really adorable shoes.  Robb says I think anything small is cute, and that’s kind of true.  Small animals are just cuter.

Except baby swans.  There’s a reason those things are called ugly ducklings.

It’s almost Valentines Day, so the possibilities for cuteness are seriously exponential.  Just think about it… homemade valentines, heart shaped dishes, candlelight dinners… cuuuuute.



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Valentine’s Day Sangria


xoxo kids, it’s almost that time of year again. The pressure of creating the perfect Valentine’s Day date is upon us. We got your back. This easy recipe will make you look like a rockstar without breaking the bank. Whip up a pitcher of Valentine’s Day Sangria and order in. That’s actually a perfect night for me, any night.

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Peppermint White Chocolate Popcorn



You know those giant 8-pound tubs of popcorn kernels you can get at Costco? My family can go through one of those in a month.

A bowl of buttered popcorn and a movie rental are just about all we need to enjoy our weekend.

Lately, though, we’ve been going through popcorn withdrawals. Our son had his wisdom teeth out, and the doctor said he could only eat soft foods, and definitely no popcorn. I thought it would just be cruel to make popcorn and eat it in front of him, so the rest of us went without.

Then we got sick, all of us, really sick. We had a lot of chicken soup and applesauce, and none of us really wanted to eat popcorn. We didn’t want to make it either.

So we have probably been popcorn-free for about 3 weeks now.

Today I decided enough was enough, and started making a big bowl of our favorite snack. Then the season got the better of me. I started imagining how the popcorn would taste with peppermint mixed in, and I remembered the white chocolate in my pantry, and well… it didn’t take long for me to convince myself that what we really needed today was white chocolate peppermint popcorn.




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The Best Vegan Pumpkin Pie Recipe


Be Thankful for Vegan Pumpkin Pie.

That spicy and creamy custard filling. That flaky and rich buttery crust. You know what I’m talking about… pumpkin pie! The time is finally here to indulge in this classic taste of the holidays.

Wouldn’t you love to gratify those taste buds of yours while also choosing the healthiest and cleanest version of this pie? With so many diet restrictions these days, I am always looking for ways to make our favorite recipes enjoyable by all. So, when my clients began asking for a vegan, flax free pumpkin pie, I knew I had my work cut out for me. Thus this journey began, to construct a pie void of all the above ingredients, but of course, not while compromising that classic and delicious taste.

Voila! From my kitchen to yours… vegan pumpkin pie. Enjoy

I decided to make my crust from scratch, but you could easily buy a frozen one.



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