Creamy Pumpkin Apple Pasta


Natasha from Gather Around Our Table, here! I’m excited to share with you a warm fall inspired meal that will be perfect for your Thanksgiving feast! This makes a great casserole substitute since it contains some healthier ingredients and is completely dairy free! [Read more…]

Maple Pecan Baked Brie

With Thanksgiving coming up fast, I’m sure a lot of us are thinking menus. In my family, the menu is pretty traditional from year to year. It probably looks a lot like yours. I like to try one new thing every year though, whether it’s a new appetizer, dessert, or side. This year, our perfect Thanksgiving appetizer is going to be Maple Pecan Baked Brie.

Maple Pecan Baked Brie. An easy, delicious and super impressive Thanksgiving appetizer

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Popcorn Crunch with Leftover Halloween Candy

For Halloween every year, I pick up those big bags with a variety of fun sized candies – like snickers, milk duds, taffy, sweettarts. It’s so hard to get rid of all the candy I end up buying. Looking on the bright side, it’s good that the kids aren’t greedy and don’t think to take more than 2 or 3 pieces. But then my hips and I end up with everything that’s left . . .



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Hazelnut Toffee

Of all the recipes I’ve shared on my blog, the ones that get the most comments, likes, shares and views are always the sweet ones!  And with all the holiday parties fast approaching, I thought I would continue the trend and share my Hazelnut Toffee.

This Hazelnut Toffee is sweet and buttery with plenty of crunch.  You could use dark, white or milk chocolate and substitute almonds for the hazelnuts.




I can remember the first time I used a candy thermometer.  I was shaking in my shoes!  And it was all for naught!  If you’ve never made toffee before, have no fear!  This recipe is easy and fail proof.  You just need a good candy thermometer and a large heavy saucepan and you’re in business.

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