Easy Bourbon Apple Cider

Bourbon Apple Cider | Feast + West for My Cooking Spot

This is Susannah from Feast + West, here with a favorite fall beverage!

I know it’s autumn when I have my first sip of apple cider. Sweet, fruity and spicy; it’s a guilty pleasure I cherish throughout the season.

But who has time to sit around and mull their own? Sometimes, I’d rather cheat and buy a gallon of fresh cider from a local orchard or at the farmers market. One of my favorite things to do is mix it into cocktails. Bourbon is probably my favorite spirit of all, and it pairs so well with apple cider.

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Maple Butter Carrots

Maple Butter Carrots

I’m always looking for new and delicious side dishes. I always have a long list of entrees I want to try, and then I fall flat on the sides and either just throw together a salad, mixed vegetables, rice or noodles. But I’ve switched my focus as of late to make sure that the sides I make are just as delicious as the entree itself. These Maple Butter Carrots were the start of that.

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Roasted Eggplant Hummus

Roasted eggplant makes an interesting and flavorful hummus

 Roasted Eggplant Hummus

I have this obsession with hummus. I’ve made it too many times to count, and I’ve posted about it borderline too many times to be normal. [Read more…]

Chunky Fruit Salsa

Chunky Fruit Salsa | Simple sweet & tangy fruit salsa you can throw together in 5 minutes! Get the recipe on MyCookingSpot.com!

Happy summer, folks!!

Don’t argue, because it is soooooo summer right now.

I don’t even care if it’s actually still two weeks away, Florida got the memo early, as usual.

We even had an out-of-season tropical system brewing a few weeks ago! I mean, really.

Go home, Mother Nature, you’re drunk.

When I think of summer, I think of sun-hats, cold beer, lazy afternoons by the pool, and all-day picnics by the grill with lots of snacks to keep your tummy full until dinner is ready. I don’t know about you, but I can imagine a big bowl of this Chunky Fruit Salsa right in the middle of everything! [Read more…]