Apple Spice Muffins


There’s something about a warm muffin with a pat of fresh butter and a cup of hot tea in the morning. It’s what greets me most mornings as I roll out of bed before the sun rises, searching for something to soothe my dry throat from the allergies that come along with Spring.

For our family, these muffins are the perfect breakfast and snack, and usually last all of 24 hours.

They have a slight spice from cinnamon and all spice and the familiar sweetness of gala apples. I love the chunks of apple bites that keep the muffins moist but add a crunch as well. My 1-year-old gobbles them up!

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Banana Bread Doughnuts (Gluten & Sugar Free)


Since the moment we walked into our apartment from our honeymoon, my husband has been asking for doughnuts. The idea of getting a homemade version of his favorite treat was a huge thrill for him. I pinned away many hours looking for fun new recipes to try, along with the newlywed dinner recipe collecting and home decorating “research” I was doing.

But, despite my recipe collecting, my sweet husband continued to consume greasy, frosted doughnuts from the corner shop for the last couple of years. I didn’t have a doughnut mold! Finally this Christmas I put it on my gift list… as a gift to him of course!

It’s priceless watching his eyes light up as he notices a batch of freshly baked doughnuts on the kitchen counter.

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Spinach Cheese & Mushroom Quesadillas

Spinach Cheese & Mushroom

There is a quaint downtown square in the city where I live. It’s actually one of the last town squares that has all locally owned businesses still up and running. I have to say, I absolutely love that about the city where we live. It keeps our growing city filled with two major universities bustling with life, yet small and cozy at the same time.

We are pretty well known for the coffee shops and small eateries around town, of which there are many to choose from. It feels like every month a new restaurant goes up for business! But I love the old school ones…the ones that have been in business for years and years and who’s families run them.

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Cheesy Bacon-Wrapped Dates


Who doesn’t like bacon, cheese and the combination of sweet and salty? This fun appetizer was born on Christmas Eve when we hosted my folks in our home for dinner, presents and our annual tradition of watching The Christmas Story movie.
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