Pennsylvania Dutch Corn Chowder

Corn Chowder


Corn chowder is the perfect recipe for fall. It is warm, comforting and delicious. Now that the leaves are turning and their is a chill in the air, nothing is more comforting than coming home and warming yourself up with a warm bowl of creamy soup and a biscuit. This recipe is a favorite in the Pennsylvania Dutch country. And for good reason.

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Sweet Potato Quinoa Chilli

Not to toot my own horn, but I make a really good chili (toot! toot!). But I never gave it any additions – no noodles, especially no beans. It just wasn’t my preference.


To me, basically chili is a good sauce and some ground beef. From there you can add whatever you would like to the top – sour cream, onions, crackers, cheese, the lists go on and on. But I’ve always wanted to enhance those flavors.

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No Bean Italian Chili

Nothing says fall to me like chili. But the problem is my husband doesn’t like beans, none of ’em. Okay, green beans don’t count, but any chili-related bean, he turns his nose up at. So I set out to find a substitute for beans to be able to make a chili that would suffice my craving.


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Chicken Tortilla Soup



I’ve never paid much attention to buying foods within the season that they are the freshest. Call me crazy, but I never even knew that was a thing. Actually, you can call me an American, because this is one part of the world where we have that type of convenience. Though I appreciate the ease American grocery stores bring, there really is something to cherishing food in it’s time.

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