Caprese Tuna Salad Stuffed Tomatoes

Caprese Tuna Salad3

Happy Friday, My Cooking Spot readers!!

I’m super excited to be a new contributor for My Cooking Spot, and I have a delicious recipe to share that’s perfect for a warm summer day.

It requires absolutely no cooking and takes less than 10 minutes and very little culinary ability to whip up.

While I love living in New Orleans – the food, the location, the fun, the list goes on… – the weather can be quite warm {read: hot & humid}. Don’t take this as a complaint though; I love the hot weather! I’d take a 100+ degree heat index any day over anything below 40 in a heart beat.

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Rustic Peach & Honey Pies – Gluten Free

Rustic Peach Honey Pie

Farmers markets are a way of life here in Seattle. Over the past three years, I’ve seen farmers retire and small vendors grow successful businesses that began in a simple market stall. It’s a wonderful thing to see a community that puts their dollars towards supporting local producers and farmers. I do my best to visit at least one farmers market a week, so I’m very happy to start sharing fun eats I develop with my haul of fresh foods.

On Friday evenings, the Phinney Farmers Market] is one of my favorite ways to wind down from a long work week and ease into the weekend. This smaller, but well stocked, neighborhood market is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade granola, locally made cheese, and ready to eat foods. To make this special treat, I picked up Sugartime peaches from Collins Orchards] and some local honey from Seattle Urban Honey], which by the way is just about the best honey I’ve ever had.

Whether you call this a tart, a galette, or otherwise – it’s simply a pie crust folded over the edges of some fruit, so rustic pie sounds about right to me. Aside from the butter, this pie isn’t filled with too many indulgent ingredients. I’m in the process of decreasing my refined sugar intake and peaches are just about sweet enough on their own. Adding just a small drizzle of honey to each pie gave a sweet boost of flavor as well.

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Peanut Butter & Honey Parfait with Greek Gods

When I was a kid, my favorite lunch was not peanut butter and jelly, but peanut butter and honey sandwich with bananas. It is sooo good! As I got older, it definitely became one of my guilty pleasures where I would allow myself to have one every once in a while. It is truly sinful and amazingly nostalgia.

My need for breakfast is strong with this one and I am always looking for some healthy options to get me through the day feeling good. However, I recently discovered a beautiful, beautiful way of fulfilling my need for my childhood favorite food, without any guilt what-so-ever.

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Bacon Egg Nests

Easter is this Sunday and if you’re looking for a super cute recipe that is easy to make, these cute egg nests are the ticket.

I loved these nests because they have all the breakfast things you need in one little cup. Perfect for a brunch or potluck occasion this upcoming holiday.

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