Peanut Butter & Honey Parfait with Greek Gods

When I was a kid, my favorite lunch was not peanut butter and jelly, but peanut butter and honey sandwich with bananas. It is sooo good! As I got older, it definitely became one of my guilty pleasures where I would allow myself to have one every once in a while. It is truly sinful and amazingly nostalgia.

My need for breakfast is strong with this one and I am always looking for some healthy options to get me through the day feeling good. However, I recently discovered a beautiful, beautiful way of fulfilling my need for my childhood favorite food, without any guilt what-so-ever.

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Bacon Egg Nests

Easter is this Sunday and if you’re looking for a super cute recipe that is easy to make, these cute egg nests are the ticket.

I loved these nests because they have all the breakfast things you need in one little cup. Perfect for a brunch or potluck occasion this upcoming holiday.

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Cracked Pepper & Bacon Deviled Eggs

Bacon Deviled Eggs

I love deviled eggs. And I thought what do I love when I eat eggs? Bacon of course, so they seem to go hand-in-hand. With Easter being this weekend, this is a perfect recipe to serve, or to make after your kids find all those hidden Easter eggs.

I love the eggs standing up. I think they look prettier, and not so regular looking and mixes it up a bit. But it is totally up to you.

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Strawberry Cream Cheese Poke Cake

This pretty Strawberry Cream Cheese Poke Cake is a simple Spring dessert. Perfect for Easter or just because!

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