Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I’ll be honest.  I’ve never been one to put raisins in cookies.  I’m a chocoholic from way back.


But my husband is a big raisin fan.  He loves raisins in things like rice pudding and cinnamon rolls.

So, today, for him, I set aside my raisins-do-not-belong-in-cookies rule and made Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

These cookies area based on my very favorite Plain Oatmeal Cookie recipe.  It’s a long time favorite, even though it doesn’t have chocolate.

I really love oatmeal cookies.  They have such an awesome texture and flavor.  I even made some oatmeal cookies for the county fair when I was a kid.  I don’t want to brag or anything, but they got an honorable mention.

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Roasted Banana Cake

This delicious banana cake gets extra flavor from roasted bananas in the cake and brown butter in the frosting.

Roasted Banana Cake with Cinnamon Brown Butter Frosting

Some things are just magical.  Like avocados.  They have some kind of magical effect on me, they make me feel fantastic and they taste fantastic.

Roasting foods is another magical thing.  Roasted vegetables?  Waaaay better than regular vegetables.  Roasted chicken?  Waaaay better than regular chicken.

Which is why I roasted the bananas for this cake.  Because roasted bananas are magically better than regular bananas.  You can trust me, because I don’t actually like bananas plain, but the roasted bananas are really quite delicious.

Roasted Banana Cake with Cinnamon Brown Butter Frosting

You know what else is magical?  Brown butter.  Lawd have mercy, that stuff is good.

Which is why I used brown butter and cinnamon to make the frosting for this cake.  Brown butter frosting is the magical best.

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Chocolate Dipped Cream Cheese Mints

It’s been a rough winter; long, cold, painfully wet.  Now my tulips are pushing their way through the dirt, the geese are flying north, and I’m ready for something light and refreshing to snack on.  Enter Cream Cheese Mints.

These are one of my favorite treats.  I’ve always loved mints in any form, especially those little butter mints!  Homemade mints taste so much better.


I like making cream cheese mints because they’re pretty fast to whip together and they taste so good homemade.  The trouble with them, though, is that they have to lay out in the open to dry for a good day or two to dry.  Which is murder on my self-control.

Sometimes I make these mints into long ropes and then cut them into small pieces.  This time, I formed individual flat round discs and used a fork to press a pattern into the top of each mint.



Can I tell you what these are great for?

Family get togethers.  Parties.  Bridal showers.  Girls nights.  Wednesdays.

I made them because it was Wednesday.

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Strawberries and Cream Cookies


I’m a sucker for something cute.

I melt when I see puppies, or babies, or really adorable shoes.  Robb says I think anything small is cute, and that’s kind of true.  Small animals are just cuter.

Except baby swans.  There’s a reason those things are called ugly ducklings.

It’s almost Valentines Day, so the possibilities for cuteness are seriously exponential.  Just think about it… homemade valentines, heart shaped dishes, candlelight dinners… cuuuuute.



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