Homemade Chicken Broth


homemade chicken broth

Homemade chicken broth is one of my favorite foods. Once you start making your own, it’s so hard to go back to the store bought version. I do pick up some at the store if I’m in a pinch and don’t have any on hand, or the ingredients to make it (namely, if I don’t have enough bones stored up in my freezer). A good organic version works well, but the flavor of homemade broth is so concentrated, it’s hard to compare. [Read more…]

Easy Fall Trail Mix

Easy fall trail mix...perfect for holiday or anytime travel

With the holidays coming up, we are all making plans to be on the road. We are super fortunate to have both sides of our family in the area, but I know many of you have to travel by car and plane for great distances to see family over the holidays!

Easy fall trail mix...perfect for holiday or anytime travel

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Creamy Pecan Brussels Sprouts


These cooler days definitely call for comfort foods, and what better way to say comfort food than a little heavy cream? 😉 I love that when I add it to anything, the dish immediately becomes that much more decadent. This dish is so savory and delicious, I couldn’t stop sneaking bites while it was cooking and after before serving it to my family!

We have used this as a warm side salad, and even topped a pizza with it along with some sliced up sausages and cheese. I happen to think it would make an excellent side to your holiday dinners as well! Who’s excited about Thanksgiving?!

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Simplified Strawberry Shortcake

simple and quick strawberry shortcake dessert

In these last few days of summer I have been craving fresh fruit! My husband and I love to indulge in a little sweet each night but have had lots of discussions about our health and not wanting to consume Sonic ice cream multiple times a week 😉

This fresh and simple dessert came to mind one night when I was craving something sweet but didn’t want to spend more money at the store! Because who is going to spend the time making shortcake when you could just sub already made biscuits and get just as good of a dessert? Not this girl.

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