Pea Soup {Slow-Cooker}


I never thought to order Pea Soup at a restaurant, let alone make it, because..I don’t like peas. But I found myself in San Francisco, across the country from my friends and family and everything I knew, and a new friend suggested I try her recipe. She swore that no one had ever hated it before. So since adventures, culinary or otherwise, require an open mind, I made her recipe.

It was beyond easy in my crockpot in my studio apartment. When I came home to that lovely aroma, I was officially hooked on pea soup. I made it and freeze it and will love it forever.

This also proves my family adage: don’t eat with your eyes.

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Pumpkin Pie Greek Yogurt

pumpkinpiegreekyogurtSo as you might have been able to tell from my previous posts here, I have a huge sweet tooth. That may even be an understatement. But if I gave into it all the time? It would not be healthy. So I have created sugar free, healthier alternatives to quell those sweet tooth cravings. This one is so simple, it’s stupid. There are four ingredients and it is all to taste. Also, it’s delicious.

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Brownies from Scratch


When I was a little girl and any time we had to bring a snack somewhere–dance recital, preschool tea party, play dates–I asked my mom to make her brownies. They are from scratch and her delicate use of powder sugar (I obviously need more practice) was always perfect. Sometimes she would cut them ahead of time into little tiny square and put them into silver cupcake liners. When I asked her where the recipe came from, she told me that in college she and some girls put it together and would make them often. And now I make them. While my powder sugar isn’t done as well as hers, it makes me so happy to make a recipe she made when she was my age and throughout my childhood.

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Turkey Chili.


The cold weather has breached Chicago. It has breached me, actually, since my winter coat is currently being shipped from across the world.  So it’s me and a pea coat against the elements. I have found, living most of my life in the Chicagoland area and especially because I was spoiled for the last two years, that a lot of it is mental. If I even think for a second that this is cold in November, I am done for. Winters last through March here and after the Christmas cheer, they are only more menacing. Also, have you heard about the bomb cyclone? It’s this year’s polar vortex, only it is supposed to be worse. I can’t think about it. Again, it’s mental.

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