The Easiest Salsa Ever.


This was a college staple. Or I should say, a senior year staple when we had a huge kitchen (I know…it’s unheard of in College Living but Freshman year I shared the official smallest dorm room on campus). My best friend and I would make this before are favorite shows and share it on the couch or when people came over because it seemed super impressive but was in fact, the easiest salsa ever.

There are only two ingredients. The third is optional. And it tastes delicious. Sometimes we would brown ground meat, make this salsa, and guacamole and eat this feast with tortilla chips on our bright pink couch (it’s a long story).


Speaking of tortilla chips, I did not want to gorge so I was so happy to find this small bag of them, like you would find in the vending machine. That size. Except these were artisanal tortilla chops, soft and flaky. I have to say, I prefer the typical salsa tortilla chip. However, after this photo shoot I suffered for everyone and ate the salsa with them anyway.

I love when food is tied to memories and I love when food is easy and I love when the ingredients are pure. So this could also be called the Triple Threat Salsa, at least in my mind. Only bear in mind, my advice on the chips situation.IMG_1107You should know that I ate these at my desk while watching it snow outside my window, after braving the extreme cold to get these ingredients. It didn’t exactly feel like Cinco de Mayo but it made me think of think of the salsa I ate on the beach in Mexico, which made me warm and depressed at the same time. So I just continued to eat my salsa and my artisanal tortilla chips. IMG_1097Please enjoy this. I made a small portion myself but really this recipe can be adapted to as much salsa as your heart desires. I, in fact, made it much smaller than usual.

The Easiest Salsa Ever.


  • Tomatoes
  • Onions (can be ANY type but purple are my favorite)
  • Cilantro (if you have it, if you like it but not necessary)


  1. Dice as many tomatoes as you need.
  2. Place them into a bowl and be sure to let all the juice from the cutting board run into the bowl.
  3. Dice onions. Ratio to taste.
  4. Stir. You can add salt if you'd like.
  5. Add Cilantro if you like or if you have it, to taste.
  6. Let it marinate in the fridge for 10-20 minutes so the juices of the tomatoes can seep out.
  7. Stir and serve.

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