Happy National Guacamole Day! 12 Unique Recipes

Today is National Guacamole Day!
I could eat guacamole or an avocado everyday. I love to eat it with a spoon and just some salt.  Or I will even just add some hot sauce and eat it with a spoon.  It is a healthy fat so it is a fab snack! And, I am getting my vitamins. I should research to see if eating avocado helps with anti-aging. Any excuse to eat this fruit works for me! So since it is the national day, it is only polite to give it some needed attention. Especially since summer is ending and they will not be in such abundance, or they will be super expensive.
Here are 12 super tasty looking and yet unique recipes that you may want to try. I had never heard of some of them, so I think I will try most of them, not sure if I would make the guacamole ice cream, but I would try it.

Cheesy Garlic Twists



The kids and I love garlic bread in basically any form. Sometimes we buy the store-made garlic bread and give each slice a few seconds in the microwave. Sometimes we brush a leftover hot dog bun with butter and garlic salt and broil it for a couple minutes. And sometimes, we make these garlic twists.

I have yet to convince my husband about the wonders of garlic. It’s a family thing… his entire family is garlic averse. They never eat garlic bread and don’t even use garlic in the lasagna.

But me? I’ll put garlic on just about anything. I remember this one time when my son was a newborn and I was nursing, we went to a pizza place that was new to us, and I ordered a pizza that was basically just garlic cloves and caramelized onions. I thoroughly enjoyed it. About halfway through the meal, it occurred to me that my nursing child might not appreciate that too much.

He didn’t, by the way. He cried every time he nursed for the next two days, and the garlic was so strong I could smell it on him for days.

Oh… but that was a good pizza! And it didn’t stop him from growing up to love garlic bread, so nothing lost.

I should tell you upfront that I have never been one to make homemade bread. It’s so time consuming… and kneading for 10 minutes straight? I don’t think so. Laziness reigns here.

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Baked Eggplant Fries – Gluten Free

Eggplant Fries
This month I’m thrilled to share my neighborhood’s farmers market with you. It was the first one I visited in Seattle and the one I now consider my home market. Every Sunday morning, the Ballard Farmers Market seems to draw much of the rest of the city to the neighborhood’s historic downtown core. This large market is my favorite for a well-rounded selection of fresh produce and other artisan foods – ideal if you’re looking to cook a special meal. It’s also just right for a weekly trip to stock up on staples like eggplant from Alvarez Family Farms.


The funny thing about eggplant is that I hated it growing up, absolutely hated it – with just one exception; the eggplant fries my mom would make. The preparation is simple and the end product seems to please just about any palate. I prefer these crispy bites dipped in either ketchup or some tame sriracha however they are also tasty plain.

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Baked Onion Rings

Baked Onion Rings 3

Oh, onion rings, how I love thee!Though, I never order them! In fact, I couldn’t even tell you the last time I had onion rings! I got a wicked craving for them last week and I just had to have them, but of course, I wanted them without all of the calories and fat. Frying them was out of the question. Time to bake ’em up!
I was a little worried about getting these to brown so depending on your oven, you may want to bake them a little longer. Even though they didn’t get as golden all the way around like I wanted them to, I still found them to be perfectly crispy! I dipped mine in sriracha mayo (which makes them even more yummy, by the way!) I would take this baked version any day over the fried version!