The Best Cinnamon Funfetti Pancakes

My Mom’s pancakes are my all-time favorite pancakes. Whenever I go out to a restaurant, I don’t typically like ordering pancakes, because I know they can never compare to my Mom’s.  A little biased? Yes, but I can’t help it.  So what’s this delectable secret to why my Mom has the best pancakes? Aunt Jemima Pancake mix. Wait, she uses boxed mix? There’s no way that can be better than from scratch. Well, on a level, I agree with you that nothing’s better than scratch, but after tasting my Mom’s pancakes, I have a new faith in boxed-based recipes. See, this recipe doesn’t just follow the box instructions; it improves upon a solid pancake foundation.


The two secret, but crucial, ingredients in this box-based mix are applesauce and vanilla extract. For some reason boxed mixes forgo the flavoring step, and I feel like that really limits the recipe.


I add just a tablespoon or so of cinnamon applesauce, some vanilla extract, and just a dash of almond extract, to really make this recipe shine. Add some sprinkles for a colorful, fun element, and you’ve got a party!  A breakfast party, that is.

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Skinny Coffee Cake – Half the Fat & Calories

Low-Fat Coffee Cake 3

Hi Everyone! My name is Stephanie and I blog over at Eat. Drink. Love. I’m so excited to be a contributor to My Cooking Spot!

One of my favorite parts about blogging is that I love the challenge of taking a recipe that would normally be considered to be unhealthy and lightening it up! Today I am sharing my low-fat coffee cake recipe with you. The typical slice of coffee cake can run anywhere between 400-500 calories and can have over 20 grams of fat! My version contains just 225 calories and 7.9 grams of fat for a generous slice!

One of my favorite parts of coffee cake is the crumb topping, but that crumb topping will cost you a lot of calories. I wanted to try to create a version that still gave me that cinnamon sugar flavor without having to do a crumb topping, so instead I did a swirl of cinnamon sugar inside the cake, and really, I didn’t even miss the crumb topping! I baked mine up in a bundt pan and then dusted the top with some additional cinnamon and sugar. This cake is perfect to serve for guests, or in my case, co-workers!

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