Happy National Coffee Day! 10 Must Try Coffee Recipes

Did you know that today is National Coffee day! It is a day to try new recipes with some delicious coffee. It is a holiday after all.


Fresh Homemade Cherry Lemonade

Cherry Lemonade 2
Now that we are nearing September, my mind is quickly gravitating towards fall recipes. It’s almost time to break out the pumpkin! But, alas, it is still hot as heck here in Phoenix and there is nothing better than a big glass of cold lemonade to quench your thirst.
I make a lot of lemonades on my blog. Nothing beats homemade lemonade and I like that I can control what goes in it. Making your own fruit syrups is quite simple. You just basically boil your favorite fruits in some water and sugar. Then add in some fresh lemon juice and water and you’ve got lemonade!
I recently received 10 lbs. of cherries for another post I had to do for my blog and even after making a bunch of recipes, I still had quite a bit leftover and I was totally sick of eating cherries, but I didn’t want them to go to waste! Time to make some lemonade! Unlike some of my other lemonade recipes, I found that this recipe required more fruit in order to really get the cherry flavor. I also found that letting it sit in the fridge for a while before serving it helped bring out that cherry flavor as well.

Peanut Butter Cup Protein Shake

Peanut Butter Cup Protein Shake

Protein shakes are really good to have, especially after a workout. For months, I have just had the regular powder in some water, and it can be not as satisfying as I would like.

Until, I came upon this recipe for a peanut butter cup protein shake. It is so delish and satisfies my sweet tooth and surprisingly really tastes like a Peanut Butter Cup! It also doesn’t add too many more calories, which I am all about!

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