Pea Soup {Slow-Cooker}


I never thought to order Pea Soup at a restaurant, let alone make it, because..I don’t like peas. But I found myself in San Francisco, across the country from my friends and family and everything I knew, and a new friend suggested I try her recipe. She swore that no one had ever hated it before. So since adventures, culinary or otherwise, require an open mind, I made her recipe.

It was beyond easy in my crockpot in my studio apartment. When I came home to that lovely aroma, I was officially hooked on pea soup. I made it and freeze it and will love it forever.

This also proves my family adage: don’t eat with your eyes.

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Three Bean and Quinoa Chili

Three different beans and quinoa make this a satisfying alternative to a typically meat-heavy dish; it will turn a meat-lover into a vegetarian wanna be. 

Three Bean and Quinoa Chili

It’s safe to say that I have a soup obsession.

Soup seriously couldn’t be more perfect in my opinion.

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Southwestern Black Bean and Sweet Potato Soup

One flavor combination I just cannot get enough of is Southwestern flavors paired with sweet potato. That smoky, spiciness found in Southwestern cuisine with the subtle sweetness of the sweet potato is just to die for. I’ve made black bean and sweet potato enchiladas before, and it occurred to me to tweak my favorite enchilada soup a bit to bring the sweet potato enchiladas into a soup form. The results were fantastic, and I think I have a new favorite soup. My toddler really digs it too, so that’s a plus.

I can't get enough of the smokey, sweet, spiciness of this Southwestern sweet potato and black bean soup!

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Red & Green Tortellini Soup  


Now is the time for family and guests; for a full house, for friends, parties and caroling. It’s time for wrapping up work, prepping the house, hanging decorations and spending time with family. Now if you can balance it all out do please send me your secret. If you are like me though, you are feeling more than a little behind and more than a little exhausted. Trying to fill the days with cheer and merriment can certainly wear a girl out! Feeding all of those guests and family members certainly can do you in as well. The key of course is managing expectations, giving your self a little grace and some help in the kitchen. Now the first two items I can’t help with but the third, readers, I have you covered.

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