How To Make a Perfect Poached Egg


I love poached eggs. However, this type of egg has not been seen much at my house because I have always been intimidated to make them. I always thought they were way more difficult than they were.

These photos are from my very first attempt at making a poached egg, and it turned out perfectly, and it was not difficult at all! I love a poached egg so much, and now I make them all the time. Poached eggs with bacon, poached eggs on asparagus, poached eggs with tomato and avocado, and of course, now I can make eggs benedict!

Believe me, these are so easy. Just follow these steps and you can have a poached egg in minutes. I was able to make about 3 poached eggs before changing the water.

1. Add a few inches of water to a sauce pan. I did about 2 quarts. Add a splash of vinegar. Some people don’t use vinegar to poach their eggs, but it helps to tighten up the egg whites.

2. Here is the important part. Some recipes call for boiling water, but that doesn’t work as well. You want to have the heat so that some bubble appear, but not that it starts to simmer. That is too hot. The perfect temperature is right before it simmers. Once it gets to this point, turn the heat down a bit so it doesn’t simmer.

3. Break your egg into a small dish. It is easier to slide carefully into the water. Stir and make a whirlpool of your water with your spoon. Slide your egg into the center of the whirlpool. Don’t panic if it looks like a mess, it will come together with the whirlpool. You can help it wrap around each other CAREFULLY with your spoon or spatula. After 3- 4 minutes of cooking time, nudge it to see if it wobbles as one piece.

4. Remove from water with slotted spoon. Place egg on paper towel. If you need to make a few poached eggs, you can always re-heat them by placing back in water for a minute.

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