That Extra Boost with MAX from MAXWELL HOUSE


Coffee…….that warm liquid goodness is a saving grace of mine. I know, I know. I am that person; I can’t get through the day without my cup of coffee. Yes, I am that person that can’t start my morning without that first cup of joe. Yes, don’t talk to me til that coffee is brewed.

So what? Many of you know what I’m talking about and many of you are the same way. The last year I was literally a walking zombie and coffee was literally the only thing that got me through. I was a new mom and that baby phase is nothing as I expected and just as hard as they say it is. Not getting more than a few hours rest, while working full-time and all the other responsibilities that come with being a new mom and wife. Running errands, cleaning the house, laundry, cooking, etc, etc, etc.

Here’s the deal.  I would have to drink quite a few cups of coffee to keep my engine going throughout the entire day. But being so busy, I didn’t always have time to drink all that coffee and it would get cold, or I just didn’t get a chance to drink it all.

But there is something new. Something amazing. Something I needed all last year. Something I need all this year.

MAXWELL HOUSE  and their genius employees have come out with a new coffee that has extra caffeine* for that extra kick! Yes, you read that right. Not only that, they have two caffeine options to choose from.

MAX Boost is available at Walmart in the coffee aisle in the K-Cup Pod format in two different caffeine levels: 1.25x & 1.75x* more caffeine than your regular cup.

Now, you think that is some great news, listen to this; Maxwell House is also introducing MAX Indulge. Also available at Walmart in the coffee aisle with the instant coffees and is available in two different flavors: Mocha + S’mores and Mocha + Salted Caramel.








MAX Indulge is for those days when you get a minute to yourself and you want to just chill and enjoy a yummy cup of café style coffee that you could get at the coffeehouse. But you get to stay at home and save a ton of cash, relax on your couch, and enjoy the view in your own backyard or hang by the pool (if you’re that lucky.)


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