Why Tucson Needs To Be On Your Food Bucket List



I’ve lived in Phoenix for 11 years as of October 1st. The first time I made it to Tucson was only three years ago. It took me 8 years to discover the majesty of Tucson, Arizona. It is so close to Phoenix, but seems like we’re in another state. Once I had discovered it, my husband and I try to get down there whenever it is possible. Why? Let me go over the list of why Tucson is so great:

  1. The food, oh the glorious food.
  2. The outdoor activites
  3. The people
  4. Back to the food because it is really fantastic.

I should technically make the food number 1 because let’s be honest. That is the real reason we get down there. Tucson is a hidden gem when it comes to it’s food options, diversity and flavors to explore. In fact, UNESCO designated Tucson the first City of Gastronomy in the United States!

I am a huge Mexican food lover, so when I am getting a true craving, I know that some of the best places to cure it is to head down to Tucson. Mexican food, in which they have the largest and best concentration of Mexican food North of the border.

But that might be obvious, it is Arizona after-all. But there is so much more. Tucson has such a wide variety of farm-to-table restaurants and foods because of Tucson’s long standing agriculture and farm lands (believe it or not.)

For us, it takes us just under 2 hours to get down to Tucson. The outdoor activities are so fun. It doens’t get as hot as it does in Phoenix, so hiking and camping are always a good time. The mountains of Tucson are so pretty and you can choose your hike based on if you’re a rookie hiker, or wanting something super  for the more experienced.  Rillito riverbed to a rugged climb up to Finger Rock.

But back to the food.

and cocktails…..

and wine…….

and cronuts…..maple glazed and topped with bacon. Yassssss!

Check out all the amazing places you can find in Tucson, Arizona here.

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