Spinach & Artichoke Rolls


Halloween is over and you know what that means? The holiday’s are here. Is Christmas music playing anywhere yet? I know that all the Christmas decorations are up at all the stores, so it is here.

With all the chaos of the holiday’s, Pepperidge Farm is here with their new Stone Baked Artisan Rolls to help make life so much easier.
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Why Tucson Needs To Be On Your Food Bucket List



I’ve lived in Phoenix for 11 years as of October 1st. The first time I made it to Tucson was only three years ago. It took me 8 years to discover the majesty of Tucson, Arizona. It is so close to Phoenix, but seems like we’re in another state. Once I had discovered it, my husband and I try to get down there whenever it is possible. Why? Let me go over the list of why Tucson is so great:

  1. The food, oh the glorious food.
  2. The outdoor activites
  3. The people
  4. Back to the food because it is really fantastic.

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Funfetti Cookie Dough Truffles


Funfetti cookie dough truffles_5910_text


What is it about cake batter that makes people go crazy? For me, it is the memories of licking the spoon while helping my mother bake when I was growing up; and then being old enough not to have to wait to lick the spoon. How about when the batter is so good, that you are literally licking the bowl as much as you can without getting cake batter in your hair? No? That didn’t happen to you? Oh well.

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Mu Shu Mini Tacos

There is an undeniable obsession occurring in my life at the moment, and it involves consuming any and all foods in taco form. I fully understand I am not alone in this endeavor. The trend was set a few years back from the street trucks of Los Angeles. and has spread with fury across every major town in America. And, actually, even small towns too.

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