My Grab & Go Healthy Breakfast From Yoplait

yoplait plenti
It is the start of the new year and with that comes all new resolutions. The number 1 resolution for people is to lose weight and/or get healthy. I am always looking for delicious, yet healthy snacks that I can grab and take on the go, or to have quickly in the morning.

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Creamy Blue Cheese Olive Dip

Blue Cheese Olive Dip

I love olives. Green, black, stuffed, any, you name them. I love the sour tartness. They are also (obviously) the best part of a dirty martini. The dirtier the better with extra olive juice.

Olives are a fabulous ingredient to have around for the holiday’s. For this Thanksgiving, I was in charge of bringing an appetizer. Just like most of us, I don’t have a lot of extra time on my hands, but I also didn’t want to just buy something to bring. After-all, the hostess will have been in the kitchen of her house for the last two days, I wanted to show my appreciate by bringing a delicious and homemade recipe.

This recipe is so tasty. It reminds me of the pimento cheese I adored in New Orleans earlier this year. Living in AZ, pimento cheese is not such an easy thing to access. I love this recipe better because of the real olives in the dip.

I decided to make an olive cheese dip. This appetizer takes just a short bit of time, and I promise you it will be a hit. Serve it with crackers, chips or vegetables.

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Vegan Thanksgiving Roast with Cranberry & Wild Rice Stuffing

Gardein Holiday Roast

With the holiday’s coming up, that does not necessarily mean that you waistline needs to expand. It is absolutely possible to not gain any weight, actually lose weight, or keep up with your dietary needs, and still enjoy a delicious meal to celebrate the holiday’s.

If you are vegan, vegetarian, or just like to go meatless once in a while, you have got to check out Gardein and thier holiday roast with cranberry and rice stuffing.

Let me just start off by saying, that this roast is completely meatless, but when it was baking in the oven, oh my goodness. It brought the entire smell of the holiday season throughout the house. As soon as I cut into it, the smell of traditional stuffing was so delicious, I started salivating. The hubs said he couldn’t want to see what this roast tasted like.

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Citrus Cranberry Sauce + Thanksgiving Freezing Tips

Citrus Cranberry Sauce

I have to admit. I love using Hefty storage bags for my leftovers. I come from a family that had always used storage bags to store leftover food in our refrigerator or freezer. They allow my fridge and freezer to save on space, and also keeps my food fresh. I am a huge fan.

Using Hefty storage bags for Thanksgiving is an even better idea because there is usually a ton of food made for that special day, and if you have friends or family over, you have made a ton of food, which usually means, a lot leftover. Hefty storage bags are really essential for saving space in your fridge and freezer and keeping your leftovers fresh for those delicious turkey sandwiches or turkey dinner for the next few days.

I love the zip bag because it is so easy to close. I get so frustrated trying to see if those other bags are actually closed or not. There have been too many situations where food has leaked on my fridge shelves that is such a pain to clean!

Check out this fabulous infographic that give you a ton of prep ideas for your Turkey day foods with rules and tips for the best storage and how long your food will last in the fridge or freezer.

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