Beer Boiled Brats



One (on a list of many) great things about living in a warmer climate is that we get to grill year round. As my brother would say you can grill in any weather – snow? just bundle up, rain? use a giant umbrella – but those things don’t always work as our family has learned while watching his attempts. [Read more…]

One Pot 30 minute Shrimp Alfredo


January is here and with it comes a busy new year. We all have things in our life that keep us from eating healthy. Those things that require we eat on the go, scarf it down, and then run right back out the door. Or worse we have to eat it in the car after going through the drive thru. [Read more…]

Spicy Sweet Potato and Chicken Stew



Winter is the perfect time for a hearty soup. It’s also the perfect time for hot baked potato, but I much prefer sweet potato’s. [Read more…]

Pomegranate Fall Salad



With the holidays just around the corner it’s definitely not too early to start planning your holiday menu. I’ll be traveling for Christmas, but I still want to be able to bring along something. It’s got to be easy since I’ll have limited access to stores and kitchens. And it’ll need to be fast so I can whip it together in just a few hours after landing. I’m type A through and through so you know, I’ve been thinking about what I’ll be serving already.

Today I was thinking about which salads we’ll be having so I thought I’d test some out. I happened to have a bunch of pomegranates on hand so I decided to build a salad around those. I love how festive the arils look in this salad when paired with the greens, and of course I’m in love with the entire flavor combination of this salad! The onions even add a little spice!

[Read more…]