Mexican Hot Cocoa Mix



Holiday shopping done? Are you sure? Because there’s nothing worse than forgetting to get a holiday gift for someone special. (Actually, here’s one thing that might be worse: You could receive a gift from someone from whom you weren’t expecting a gift, and then wish you had gotten them something too.) [Read more…]

Easy Bourbon Apple Cider

Bourbon Apple Cider | Feast + West for My Cooking Spot

This is Susannah from Feast + West, here with a favorite fall beverage!

I know it’s autumn when I have my first sip of apple cider. Sweet, fruity and spicy; it’s a guilty pleasure I cherish throughout the season.

But who has time to sit around and mull their own? Sometimes, I’d rather cheat and buy a gallon of fresh cider from a local orchard or at the farmers market. One of my favorite things to do is mix it into cocktails. Bourbon is probably my favorite spirit of all, and it pairs so well with apple cider.

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Orange Pina Colada Spritzer

Orange Pina Colada Spritzer - don't give in to fall just yet! | Get the recipe on!

Have you ever stared into your pantry blankly? I don’t mean that zombie stare you get when you’re starving, but are too lazy to make anything.

I mean the one where you want to have something different and interesting, and your brain is trying to pair the half-empty bag of chocolate chips with that forgotten jar of roasted red peppers and the last package of strawberry Pop-Tarts that no one touched because some jerk squeezed the pouch until the tarts broke to bits.

This Orange Pina Colada Spritzer is a little bit like that. Borne from a craving for something I’d never heard of but desperately wanted when the name popped into my head. [Read more…]

Blackberry Sangria Spritzer

Summertime’s not over yet! Cool off before it cools down with this simple (and individually made!) Blackberry Sangria Spritzer.

Summertime's not over yet! Cool off before it cools down with this simple (and individually made!) Blackberry Sangria Spritzer.

I loved my Blackberry Mint Spritzer that I had to make another drink with blackberries before the summer was over. (Don’t look at me like I’ve lost my mind. I haven’t — it’s still summertime here.)

This time, thought?

We’re makin’ it with alcohol.

Specifically, wine.

Because why not? [Read more…]