Quick Zesty Italian Chicken



This is one of those recipes that need to be in your back pocket for when you don’t know what to make for dinner or for those night that you are just exhausted, and want to make something quick and delicious. My husband is a super picky eater, and he loved this meal so much that he was all about the leftovers, and that doesn’t happen very often.  He said that he actually liked it better the next day because the spices just marinated overnight and it was ta-tasty.

This is literally a five minute meal and just throw in the oven for an hour and done-zo.


These seasonings are the secret ingredient to this recipe. I love Good Seasons Zesty Italian. It is so good as a dressing and spices. I decided to use half of their Garlic & Herb and half Zesty Italian.


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Turkey Hand Pies

I love HotPockets, but they are dangerous disguised as delicious. If it’s not the calories and fat that kills you, it’s the molten hot lava that oozes from them. I swear that there has never been a time when I didn’t burn my mouth from eating a HotPocket. Just last week I made Mushroom Aparagus Tarts
with homemade puff pastry. I had some leftover pastry dough and decided to make my own HotPocket that wouldn’t attempt to kill me with magma.



I was also inspired by Portos Bakery to make these meaty, spicy pastries. Portos is this absolutely amazing Cuban bakery/cafe right down the street from my work. I’ve been trying to stay away, but it’s so difficult when everything they make is amazing! My favorite item on the menu are their Potato Balls. I know, from the entire bakery case you would think I chose something sweet, but these bites are packed with meaty goodness that tastes like a hearty cowboy stew. And being about 90 cents a pop, how can you say no? They make Meat Pies as well (pastel de carne on the label), that are 78 cents and worth every penny. If you don’t live near any of their three locations, try these homemade meat pies instead!

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Garlic Meatball Subs

Meatball Subs 2


Sometimes I get these wicked cravings for a good meatball sub. Of all of the Italian dishes I make, I still struggle with meatballs. Making good meatballs is really an art and sometimes I think I over think them. I typically like to let my meatballs soak in my sauce for long periods of time, but meatball subs should be quick and easy, right?


These little meatballs are garlicky and super easy to make. They are done in 10 minutes! Most meatball subs just have meatballs, sauce, and cheese, but I wanted to add a little crunch so I also threw in some peppers and onions on top.  These make for a quick and easy weeknight meal. Serve with a nice salad and you’ve got dinner!

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Lightened Up Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala 1
As an Italian girl, I make a lot of different chicken dishes. Chicken Parm and Chicken piccata are always in our rotation of dinners. Chicken marsala is one of those recipes that I have always loved to order, but I never have made it at home.

This recipe is easy to make and the Marsala wine sauce is so flavorful. My husband and I really liked it and agreed we needed to make it again soon! Next time I make it, I might make a little extra of the sauce as I wanted more to drizzle over some of the pasta I made with it. If you are watching your carbs, some steamed veggies would also go perfectly with the chicken!