Sundried Tomato, Olive, Cucumber and Walnut Salad

Greek SAladI’m a sucker for a good salad. It’s so easy to throw together a salad that’s filling, delicious, and not boring. This salad fits all of those criteria.

I love the combination of kalamata and olives and sundried tomatoes, and include both of them in all of my Greek-inspired recipes.

I also added in cucumbers and walnuts in addition to the olives and tomatoes, and the combination was magical. [Read more…]

Rosemary Sea Salt – Quick Hostess or Neighbor Gift

A quick and delicious recipe for Rosemary Sea Salt that makes a great holiday hostess gift!

Rosemary Sea Salt - My Cooking Spot-4

Hey y’all! It’s Stephanie from Sustaining the Powers here again today. Raise your hand if you love to give hostess gifts. Raise your hand again if you love to receive hostess gifts! Maybe it’s because I’m from Texas, but my mom always taught me you should never show up at a party empty handed.

You can bring some flowers, text the host (if you know them) and ask if you can bring a dish, drink or dessert, bring a bag of ice (parties almost always need more ice), bring a bottle of wine (or here in Colorado it’s a 6 pack of craft beer), or make a little something for your hostess, but it’s always special to be on the receiving end of a hostess gift. (It’s special to give them too. I get really excited about giving hostess gifts!)

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Vegan Thanksgiving Roast with Cranberry & Wild Rice Stuffing

Gardein Holiday Roast

With the holiday’s coming up, that does not necessarily mean that you waistline needs to expand. It is absolutely possible to not gain any weight, actually lose weight, or keep up with your dietary needs, and still enjoy a delicious meal to celebrate the holiday’s.

If you are vegan, vegetarian, or just like to go meatless once in a while, you have got to check out Gardein and thier holiday roast with cranberry and rice stuffing.

Let me just start off by saying, that this roast is completely meatless, but when it was baking in the oven, oh my goodness. It brought the entire smell of the holiday season throughout the house. As soon as I cut into it, the smell of traditional stuffing was so delicious, I started salivating. The hubs said he couldn’t want to see what this roast tasted like.

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Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal

Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal - My Cooking Spot

I don’t care what anyone says. A season of pumpkin-flavored food is fine with me. I don’t believe in going overboard, no, but a little here and there is totally fine! I say we stop hating because it’s delicious. Lattés, toffee, oatmeal…

Yes, oatmeal! Every Halloween night should begin with the perfect breakfast jumpstart. This Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal is just that. I am a recent oatmeal convert, but this is my new favorite thing to eat in the morning.

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