Easy Valentine’s Brunch


There are so many things that I miss from Manhattan, having moved a year ago to the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  The list is long and consists of friends and moments, places and music, smells and feelings.  I won’t bore you with the details, but near the very top of my list, is Brunch.  Oh dear lord, what I wouldn’t give for a proper brunch.  Meeting friends on the corner of this numbered street and that avenue and stepping into to restaurant all abuzz with the glory of brunch.  The smell of fresh baked goods, the sound of coffee being French pressed, the sizzle of thick sliced, maple glazed, bacon and the cocktails, oh the heavenly cocktails.  The cocktail is truly what makes brunch, well… brunch.  I mean, let’s be honest, without a cocktail, brunch is just a very late breakfast.  Oh how I long for the brunches of New York City.

Being a silver lining kind of girl, I realize that now that I don’t live in a tiny, but seriously amazing, apartment (on the corner of 87th and Central Park West that I miss so very much, so very often).  I now have a beautiful kitchen that you can, you know, actually cook in!  So I get to now share my joy of the proper brunch with my new Pacific Northwest friends at my very own home. I mean, I still rent but you get what I am saying.  So I thought I would share one of my brunches with you my readers for this Valentine’s Day.

I thought a lot about what type of brunch to do for this post and I landed on a fantastic one.  I choose this since it can be done in no more than 15 minutes after just rolling out of bed with the one you love.  Or perhaps you’re a gentleman reading this and you want an easy brunch but you’re not a big cook.  Well this is so easy anyone can pull it off and yet so classy it is sure to impress your love or all your girlfriends on this the holiday of love.  So, get in the kitchen and put a little love into this simple brunch and share it with whomever you cherish, Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet readers.



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How To Do It


Asparagus – boil in salt water for 2 min. and dunk in an ice bath, then wrap in….

Prosciutto – sliced thin

Coffee – With cream and sugar if you please

Bread – Cut into a heart shape and toasted

Berries – Washed and tossed in bowls

Blood Orange – Squeezed and mixed with…


Eggs – Cooked to soft boiled perfection

-Bring eggs & water to a boil; turn off heat cover for three min. dunk in cold water and serve

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