Lemon Creme Nanaimo Bars

Lemon Creme Nanaimo Bars - these no-bake bars will knock your socks off!

This is the ultimate nanaimo bar recipe!  The lemon filling gives such a nice fresh flavor to these nanaimo cookie bars.

I recently attended a surprise party for a dear friend who was turning 40.  She is a well-loved person, and lots of friends and family members were there to celebrate with her.

When her husband asked each person to bring a food item to share, I immediately thought of these Nanaimo Bars.

That’s because, in the first place, these bars are one of my favorite things EVER.  They are an angelic pan of chocolate and coconut no-bake goodness.  Straight from heaven, I kid you not.  The Canadians totally got this one right.

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Pineapple-Inspired Recipes Round-Up

7 Pineapple-Inspired Recipes | My Cooking Spot

This weekend unofficially kicks of the summer season…yay!! And what says “hello summer” better than some fruity recipes!? Pineapples are all the rage this year when it comes to clothing, home décor, and pretty much all things summer. Today, we are jumping on this bandwagon and sharing some of our favorite pineapple-inspired recipes.

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Strawberry Lemon Cupcakes


Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to start celebrating with two key summer ingredients lemon and strawberry! When it’s hot outside people look to eat a little lighter and these cupcakes will hit the spot for all of your spring and summer gatherings.

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Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake main

I finally got around to baking a Hummingbird Cake! Yay me! Now, some of you are probably saying, what in the world is a Hummingbird Cake? Well, I would have said the same thing a few years ago but, since then, I have had a piece in almost every restaurant that advertises it in the Florida Keys. I kept telling myself I was going to make one day, and it would be even better than any I had tasted, and that day finally came. And I couldn’t be happier with the results (although my waistline might complain a little because it’s so hard to resist!).

The cake turned out rich, spicy, a little nutty and full of the fruity goodness of bananas and pineapple. It’s a tropical treat not to be missed!

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