Try Something New with Degustabox!

Try Something New with Degustabox! | My Cooking Spot

Are you the type that likes to venture out a bit when it comes to buying food at the grocery store? Would you spend a little extra money on something new knowing there is about a 50% chance that you will even like it? Do you want to be more adventurous with your food choices but are not sure how? If you answered yes to any of these questions today’s post is for you! [Read more…]

Pineapple-Inspired Recipes Round-Up

7 Pineapple-Inspired Recipes | My Cooking Spot

This weekend unofficially kicks of the summer season…yay!! And what says “hello summer” better than some fruity recipes!? Pineapples are all the rage this year when it comes to clothing, home décor, and pretty much all things summer. Today, we are jumping on this bandwagon and sharing some of our favorite pineapple-inspired recipes.

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Tasty Grill Recipe Round-Up

A Round-Up Featuring 7 Tasty Grill Recipes

It’s springtime which means grilling season has officially begun, or is just getting ready to kick-off depending on which part of the country you live in. There are endless recipes to enjoy and make from your very own grill, and today we are rounding-up 7 of our favorites to share with you!

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Bacon Grilled Cheese

Adding bacon to your grilled cheese makes something already great even better

Bacon Grilled Cheese

Happy Grilled Cheese Day!

If you know me at all, even just a little tiny bit, you know how much I like bacon. So this bacon grilled cheese recipe should come as no surprise.

If I happened to catch you off guard, seeing as I’m a dietitian, then I’d like to assure you that I do not eat bacon at every meal. That would make me not feel so great. However, I don’t restrict bacon because it’s not “healthy” and it’s even deemed “unhealthy” [Read more…]