Pomegranate Fall Salad



With the holidays just around the corner it’s definitely not too early to start planning your holiday menu. I’ll be traveling for Christmas, but I still want to be able to bring along something. It’s got to be easy since I’ll have limited access to stores and kitchens. And it’ll need to be fast so I can whip it together in just a few hours after landing. I’m type A through and through so you know, I’ve been thinking about what I’ll be serving already.

Today I was thinking about which salads we’ll be having so I thought I’d test some out. I happened to have a bunch of pomegranates on hand so I decided to build a salad around those. I love how festive the arils look in this salad when paired with the greens, and of course I’m in love with the entire flavor combination of this salad! The onions even add a little spice!

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Creamy Pecan Brussels Sprouts


These cooler days definitely call for comfort foods, and what better way to say comfort food than a little heavy cream? 😉 I love that when I add it to anything, the dish immediately becomes that much more decadent. This dish is so savory and delicious, I couldn’t stop sneaking bites while it was cooking and after before serving it to my family!

We have used this as a warm side salad, and even topped a pizza with it along with some sliced up sausages and cheese. I happen to think it would make an excellent side to your holiday dinners as well! Who’s excited about Thanksgiving?!

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Parsley Lover’s Cucumber Salad

Parsley and Cucumber Salad

When I was living down in New Orleans, I faithfully ate from food trucks since they were camped right outside my office building all day long. And like the rest of the food in New Orleans, the food from these trucks was absolutely delicious. One truck in particular, The Fat Falafel, shared an incredible parsley salad that I couldn’t get enough of. In this recipe, I replicated that salad to the best of my abilities. And boy is it good.

Using just four ingredients, this salad is sweet with just enough kick from the vinegar. I have to warn you though, this salad is for serious parsley lovers, as the main leafy ingredient is Italian parsley.

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Beet Salad on a Stick


I know it’s hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner. Before we know it, we’re all going to have ugly sweaters on the couch, party dresses in the closet, champagne chilling in the fridge, and holly draping the staircase. There will be parties galore, and you’ll probably need a dish for each and every one. Today I’m here to help with an easy little appetizer – Beet Salad on a stick!

When you assemble the salad, I find it’s best to skewer the beet first followed by the goat cheese. I found this is the best order, as the goat cheese tends to crumble a bit. So by putting the cheese in the middle you’re salad tends to stay together better.

If you know me, you know I love recipe that can be changed up, so here’s my suggestions. Since this is a salad . . . you can add lettuce. I’ll let that bomb sink in for a few seconds. I’d put two pieces surrounding the cheese or just serve it over a plate of lettuce. And finally, I sometimes – if I have it around the house – like to add some orange juice to the dressing to give it a little bang. Each bite should have all of the above for an explosion of flavor! Yum!

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