Coffee Toffee Brownie Bark

Coffee Toffee Brownie Bark - caffeine between meals in the form of a crispy brownie! | Get the recipe on!
Is there a better combination in the food world than chocolate and coffee?

For the sake of argument, I think not. Especially when it comes to one of my favorite desserts – brownies!

Or, in the case of this recipe, Coffee Toffee Brownie Bark. Perfect, crispy bites of brownie, reminiscent of the over baked edges half the world’s population loves.
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Cloud Eggs

Cloud Eggs 735x1102

Fall has officially started, which means that the holiday season it just around the corner. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am thinking up all the goodies I am going to make for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You’re probably thinking, oh no, she is probably one of those people that gets all her shopping done for the holidays in September and October. No way! But you have to admit that would be nice! I am, however, a person that loves looking through magazines and cookbooks, not to mention asking friends for their special recipes, and making a list of everything I want to try for the influx of family and friends.

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Blueberry Pear Clafoutis

Blueberry Pear Clafoutis - rustic, French, and perfectly delish! | Get the recipe on!

Have you ever heard of a clafoutis? I hadn’t until I stumbled upon one on Pinterest randomly one day. I thought it was just a cake, until I saw what the inside looked like.

I was intrigued.

A clafoutis is what you’d get if a pancake and a custard had a baby.

A delicious, fruit-packed, eggy baby, dusted with powdered sugar and (ideally) topped with sweet whipped cream.

Traditionally, the French clafoutis is made with cherries, but I switched it up and used the fruit I had in my fridge to bring you this Blueberry Pear Clafoutis. [Read more…]

Southern Country Ham & Red Eye Gravy


When the rest of the world has been out splashing in the pool and enjoying the summer weather, I have been laying on the couch watching hours of TV. If you know me at all, this is so NOT my personality! I am still recovering from my first trimester of pregnancy and definitely craving comfort food and lots of rest.

One of my favorite shows is Mind of a Chef on PBS. Season 2 hosts Chef Sean Brock from Tennessee and follows him as he travels the south showcasing the incredible history and rich traditions of southern cuisine.

I’m so fascinated by shows like Mind of a Chef because I love learning and growing in my understanding of culinary techniques and also the history of certain dishes. In a couple episodes, Chef Brock mentioned and cooked a very traditional southern breakfast of country ham and red eye gravy. I was so inspired by his attention to detail and respect for his food that I had to try it for myself!

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